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We create our men's tailored suits entirely in Italy, using only the best Italian fabrics. We combine online innovation with the most sophisticated technology and all the knowledge of our century-old tradition. Each dress consists of: jacket with semi-framed construction, shoulders finished with roll, pockets and buttons of your choice; trousers finished with sartorial slit, sill, shoulder strap and customizable with pleats and turn-ups. These are just some of the great sartorial details that make an ASCOT tailored suit an authentic and stylish garment.



Softness and grip exactly where you need it. The perfect fit of our tailored jackets is also achieved thanks to the traditional canvas applied internally from the shoulder to below the chest. This construction, called semi-canvassed, makes our men's suits more snug and comfortable to wear.

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Abito da uomo fatto a mano.jpg


Sleeve sleeve left open and true buttonholes. Two details proper only to quality men's clothes. To be personalized with the buttons you prefer.


You can customize the jacket of your tailored suit with the details you prefer, but there is one thing we have chosen to never change. All our formal jackets have a left pocket made in the Neapolitan style, that is, with a "boat" shape.

handmade blaser of the wool.jpg

As small as indispensable. Often confused by a packaging error, the sartorial slit is a shrewdness studied by the tailors over the years, indispensable to increase the comfort and fit of the tailored trousers, and prevent any tears.


Here is one of those little details that can make a difference when it comes to the longevity of a men's suit. The heel pad is in fact a thin strip of fabric sewn inside the bottom of the trousers to prevent the fabric, in contact with the upper of the shoes, from wearing out over time.

Pull your belly

Line always well defined? The puller takes care of it. The hidden system of button and fabric hook allows you to keep the fabric of the front of the trousers tight throughout the day.

Make an appointment for your bespoke suit! Send a message on the website or call on number:
Tel. +39 081 551 29 27
Cell. +39 334 336 25 35

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