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Pay in 3 installments: now you can buy our products with the  payment  in installments without interest 

“Pay in 3 installments” is a loan whereby the customer can pay in three installments without interest for eligible purchases (from EUR 30 to EUR 2,000) made using their PayPal account. At the time of purchase, an initial payment is made, followed by monthly installments spread over two (2) months starting from the date of signing the loan agreement. Payment is made via a valid debit or credit card or a confirmed bank account linked to your PayPal account as a payment method.

Customers will be able to view payment plans within their PayPal wallet and receive e-mail notifications before installment withdrawals. They will also be able to make both partial and full upfront payments.

To use them simply choose to pay with PayPal when you shop online and, if it is an eligible transaction, you will see PayPal Pay in 3 Installments as one of the payment methods available. Just request a PayPal plan. Pay in 3 installments in a few steps and, if approved, complete the payment process. The amount to be financed must be greater than 30 euros (but equal to or less than 2000 €), and the first installment will be paid at the time of purchase. The other two tranches will instead be scaled up in the following two months.

Paypal Pay in 3 installments is totally interest-free, without arrears and without registration fees!

pay in three installments with paypal.JPG

Pay in 3 installments. It's very simple!

Select PayPal at checkout.


The “Pay in 3 installments” option will appear if available, select it.


You will receive quick feedback.


Complete your purchase.

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